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Center for Experiential Learning

Finding a Work-Study Job

All available work-study positions are posted on Keuka College Career Connections, Keuka’s online job and internship database. In order to view jobs, you must be a current student and have a Keuka e-mail address.

Once you’ve completed your Career Connections profile, you can view job descriptions for all available work-study jobs.

2013-14 Information

If the new student is eligible for work-study, he/she is initially eligible to participate in the student employment (work-study) program. Continued eligibility depends on the student’s open and complete participation in the program.

The student must receive a Federal Work-Study or Keuka Work-Study Award as part of his/her financial aid package. It is the student’s responsibility to know if he/she has an award, the exact amount of the award, and if he/she is cleared through the Office of Financial Aid and eligible to start earning work-study dollars each academic year. Work-study is an opportunity, not a guarantee.

Before classes begin each semester, new students must attend a required student employment orientation session. Students will learn about the policies and procedures for student employment (work-study) and review Keuka College Career Connections (Keuka’s Internet database for work-study, Field Periods and internships, part and full-time employment, and volunteer positions/opportunities). The student will learn:

Remember: work-study is an opportunity, not a guarantee.

How to Apply for a Work-Study Job

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates for work-study positions are as follows:

$8.15 Per Hour

$7.30 Per Hour

$7.25 Per Hour