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Center for Experiential Learning


A Hands-On Approach to Personal, Professional, and Academic Growth Through Adventure & Experiential Learning


Students successfully completing an initiative by doing more with less and by using their resources.

TeamWorks! is an interactive team building program that brings adventure to any environment. Our unique, year-round programs can be tailored for groups of all sizes and people of all ages.

TeamWorks! consists of the high and low elements of the Birkett-Mills Challenge Course and a near-endless supply of ground, stationary and portable activities.

Since 1989, we’ve been developing customized programs for school and college groups, non-profits, church groups, and corporations that are both a unique experience and solid foundation for success. And because our programs are centered on your group’s individual needs, you’ll see a near-immediate impact.

TeamWorks! Helps Groups:

  • Create & strengthen bonds
  • Develop hidden leadership potential and creative thinking skills
  • Create a culture of respect and support
  • Enhance problem-solving techniques
  • Participate in healthy conflict resolution tactics
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration efforts
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Self-Discovery
  • Create trust between colleagues and peers
  • Create connections across generations
  • Challenge & motivate self
  • Have fun!

Programs vary in length anywhere from 30-minute conference opening/speed networking sessions to week-long retreats. Typical events are half-day programs lasting three hours, full-day programs lasting six to eight hours, and full, multiple day sessions.

Challenge by Choice

Our programs are physically and mentally engaging but not physically demanding.

We live by the philosophy of “Challenge By Choice,” and while all members are encouraged to take a step outside their comfort zone, no one will be required to participate in any activity.

Each element of the challenge course and our programming provides the participant a variety of roles to assist the group in achieving success. There are no failures in these challenges.