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Center for Experiential Learning

Tips for Being a Field Period / Internship Supervisor

Hosting an intern is a wonderful and exciting thing to do. Interns can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the things you deal with every day. They are beginning to develop themselves as a professional, and gain the soft and hard skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.

As a supervisor, you will lead them through this development, while providing them opportunities to learn and grow as a professional. With proper planning and dedication to the overall internship experience, you will not only provide your intern with a successful learning experience, but will enhance your own leadership and mentoring skills.

Prepare for your intern’s arrival:

Become acquainted with your intern:

Be cognizant of the process your intern is going through:

Provide a mentor for your intern:

Provide experiential learning opportunities for your intern:

Provide your intern with feedback:

Evaluate the internship experience: