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Center for Experiential Learning

Keuka College students have conducted Field Periods™ in more than 2,500 locations around the world.

Emily Michienzi (double major in Sociology and Political Science & History) completing her Field Period™ with Hamilton County Historian.

Whether you’d like to help market a local grocery store in your neighborhood or explore the caves of Costa Rica, Field Period™ can open a world of enriching, exciting, and intellectually challenging experiences.

Take time to learn how some of Keuka College’s students, both past and present, have spent their Field Periods™.

All of these organizations have agreed to host Field Periods™ in the future.

Megan WrightRichard WeitShelbe DancauseThanh DoJacob BanasAlicia WimmerChristopher BarryCherie SmithJenna ChapmanEmily PidgeonStephanie JonesAlicia Wimmer