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Center for Experiential Learning


To start a co-curricular transcript, students must be involved activities outside the classroom such as campus organizations, special activities, sports, community services, leadership, honor societies, etc.  Students who receive a grade for Chorale and Symphonic Band will not be included on the co-curricular transcript. Students must be actively participating in campus organizations, special activities, sports, community service, leadership, honor societies, etc., according to Keuka College Student Senate rules, activities’ organizational charter or any other governing rules and regulations.

The co-curricular transcript coordinator will set up the database for each student.  A record for each organization will be created for validation of membership by the club advisor, faculty member, coaches, administrator or staff member each semester (fall & spring).  Only validated entries that is signed by the club advisor, faculty member, coach, administrator or chair will be posted. If participation cannot be verified, it will not be included on the co-curricular transcript.

Appeal Process

The student has an opportunity to appeal.  If a student believes that an activity has been left off the transcript, an appeal process will be followed.

The student will go to the “S” drive under the Co-Curricular file for the Appeal for Co-Curricular Transcript form. The student needs to fill out the student section on the form and turn it in at the Center for Experiential Learning for the Co-curricular Transcript Coordinator.

he coordinator will attached a date-stamped copy of the roster from that activity and semester, then send it to the advisor/chair/coach.  If the advisor/chair/coach   denies the student’s participation in the activity, the form will be sent on to the Appeal’s committee.  The student will have the right to speak before the committee and to have proof of participation in activity whether written and/or in person.  The Committee will have the final decision on any action concerning the co-curricular transcript.

Appeals Committee

The Appeals Committee will review all co-curricular transcripts request and/ appeal documentation on the co-curricular transcript.  The appeal’s committee members are as follows: Dean for the Center of Experiential Learning, Associate Dean of Students Affairs and a faculty member.


The students will receive an unofficial copy of their co-curricular transcript at check-in at the beginning of each semester.   Students may also request an unofficial transcript throughout the semester from the co-curricular transcript coordinator, in the Center for Experiential Learning.  A valid Keuka College ID is required.