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Center for Experiential Learning

Hiring Keuka College Grads

Armed with at least 560 hours of hands-on, real world experience (though many majors require additional fieldwork), Keuka College graduates are some of the most experienced and well-rounded entry-level professionals in their fields.

In addition to the experience they’ve gained during their Field Period™, a majority of our students participate in co-curricular activities, where they gain valuable skills in leadership, teamwork, and time management. Additionally, our pre-professional organizations offer membership to nationally-recognized industry associations, so our graduates hit the workforce knowing their industry’s latest best practices and trends.

There are a number of ways you can go about recruiting Keuka College graduates.

1. On-campus Recruitment Visits

You’re welcome to schedule recruiting visits to fill whatever full- or part-time, Field Period™/internship, and volunteer openings you may have. We can also help schedule interviews with pre-screened candidates during your visit.

2. Informational Sessions

Similar to on-campus recruiting, we invite you to come to campus and share information about your organization, positions, training, and hiring processes during in-class and out-of-class presentation.

3. Annual Career Fairs

Keuka’s annual career fairs are a great opportunity you can use to recruit for Field Period™, internships, seasonal, temporary, and volunteer positions.

4. Keuka College Career Connections

You can use Keuka College Career Connections, our own online job board, to advertise vacant positions to our students and alumni. Unlike other online job boards, Keuka College Career Connections is free for employers to use.